Life after the fall

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◾1st prize- Munich International Documentary Film Festival 2008
◾Golden Hawk-Arab film festival Rotterdam 2008
◾Best documentary film- Arab film festival California 2008
◾Second best Documentary – Gulf film festival 2009

Shot over five years by exiled Iraqi director Kasim Abid, Life After the Fall is the story of one Iraqi family after Saddam. As the film unfolds they move from celebrating the fall to struggling against growing despair as the country falls apart and violence moves ever closer. As the coalition forces and insurgents move in, the family falls further apart.

Director’s statement

I was compelled to make my film for personal reasons – it was my way of re-discovering my family, my city and my country after an absence of 30 years. But as an Iraqi living in the UK, I was also very frustrated with the media coverage of Iraq. Every night for 5 years now, it has been on our TV screens. But, in fact, all we see is explosions, smoke, fire, people crying, or politicians talking. We hardly ever seem to actually learn anything about the lived experience of ordinary Iraqis at all.They are not presented as real people. There are almost never any real Iraqi voices, speaking for themselves. And this makes me angry.I felt it was important for people in this country (and elsewhere) to be able to relate to Iraqis as real people, people like themselves.

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